GEHL Architects are known and honored for their groundbreaking work throughout the world between social challenges and architecture. Its focal point is to create better cities in the form of living and human-oriented urban space that emphasises a varied and diverse life.

GEHL Architects have used WorkBook project management and financial system since 2008. The company has offices at Gl.Kongevej in Copenhagen and employs approx. 40 people.

“The need for a professional system rose as our business grew,” says Anders Bendtsen, finance manager at GEHL Architects.

“In 2008 we reached a realisation that we could no longer get by with more or less self-composed systems and various spreadsheets. We needed a system that helped us better project management and not least time tracking.”

The architectural company looked at various options on the market and ended up choosing WorkBook.

“We have in no way regretted that we chose WorkBook. The system is uncluttered, user friendly and easy to use,” continues Anders Bendtsen.

“The implementation of the system was easy and painless and we quickly got started. Shortly after we decided to add WorkBook’s financial system, so there was possibility of full integration between both project and finance. The financial system is a good fit for us. It has the features and capabilities we need. So WorkBook has become a part of our everyday life.”