happy & co is a communications agency. They have used WorkBook for both project management and finance since October 2008. They employ, together with a subsidiary, a total of 50 employees.

“WorkBook is clearly a system where you can feel that there is thought of everyday life at an agency. The people behind have considerable industry knowledge and understanding. It is important, ” says director Mogens Sejersted Iversen from the communication agency happy & co.

“It also means a lot to us that it is a company who are willing to help their customers with various support issues. It’s nice to be able to speak with those who have devised various features instead of arriving at a support call centre somewhere in the world.”

happy & co focus also on the fact of how broad the system is in that it covers many different areas. WorkBook has meant for happy & co, that they only need 1 system where they can assemble all the information they need. Not least, it means that you have accumulated a commercial history which can be worth lots of money for the agency.