McCann is part of the world’s largest agency network, McCann Erickson, with offices in 133 countries. 90 of these agencies are in the top 3 in their respective countries. The McCann network is one of the most creative worldwide and won last year alone prizes in 65 competitions across 11 European launches. McCann Copenhagen completes tasks for companies such as Nestea, Estrella, Opel, Statoil and L’Oreal.

McCann Copenhagen have used WorkBook project management and finance system since 2004. Account Director Heidi Clevin is in no doubt that WorkBook is the best system on the market for the advertising industry.

“We have tested various systems, including many solutions from outside of Denmark, and for me there is no doubt that there is nothing that can do the same as WorkBook,” says Heidi Clevin who cannot see anything which could in principle prevent the system being used by other McCann offices around the world. “WorkBook is a Danish system and developed first and foremost for the Danish advertising industry. But many things are alike in advertising across national boundaries.”

Heidi Clevin describes WorkBook as a really good, thorough system that “can do everything”, which is what you need at McCann Copenhagen. “It is user friendly and flexible. And it can be customized, so you can customize exactly what you want and the needs you have in individual agencies.”

“We use WorkBook for, among other things, resource management, workflow and scheduling,” says Heidi Clevin, which also highlights the system’s file share and the opportunity to gather all information about projects, clients and potential clients in one place.