Zupa Recommended is a larger advertising agency in Denmark, totaling around 120 employees. We are really proud that they chose WorkBook to be their preferred ERP system.

Lars Tversted, Partner in Zupa Recommended says: “We chose WorkBook because the system suited our needs from A-Z. We had some pretty tough selection criteria, and it has taken us some time to filter out the candidates. In the end it was clear to us, that there was actually only one vendor to choose. To every point that we had on our requirements sheet, we were presented by a solution from WorkBook. I have no doubt in my mind that WorkBook will help us be more profitable and all employees have really enjoyed the first few weeks of getting to use their new system. The WorkBook people have a really deep industry knowledge which helped us immensely during the implementation – which by the way is the fastest I’ve ever seen. Most impressive.”

René Praestholm, COO of WorkBook Software says: “All clients are key accounts, but Zupa Recommended stands out as they are a proof of concept, that WorkBook can be used in very large agencies covering all aspects of their business. They support our strategy of becoming the preferred ERP system to larger advertising agencies. I’m really proud to welcome Zupa Recommended into our family.”

For more background information on how a wrong choice of ERP software can impact your business, see this article (in Danish).